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Short Video Competition

Participants will submit a short video of maximum 300 seconds / 5 minutes having as a central theme the issue of water scarcity in  Bali. The video should describe the water situation in Bali and offer potential solutions for improvement. 

Theme: Island Water.


  • The competition is open to students from  middle school, high school / equivalent.
  • Participants (individuals or groups) must be domiciled in the Province of Bali.
  • Participants must submit supporting documents in the form of self-identity (KP-KTM), as well as letters of approval certifying the authenticity of the work, which must not contain plagiarism , violence or pornography. (download the letter here)
  • The maximum length of the video is 5 minutes and it must have a resolution of 1280×720 Youtube videos.
  • Students upload the video to Youtube and share the video link to nyegaragunung@gmail.com no later than 17th of August 2019 ( 12:00 P.M Local time).
  • The video description must contain a short written description of the video and include hashtag #YCIBali
  • Announcement for winners (awards) will be on 27th August 2019.

Assessment criteria:

Videos will be judged based on the following criteria :

  • Content of the idea in line with the theme
  • Creativity
  • Visualization techniques ( shooting and editing )
  • Dissemination and interactions ( likes, comments, share)


The Best Idea

The Best Visualization

The Best techniques 

The Most popular (final Best (Best of the best)

Send your identity and video here >>> Send Your Video


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